High Five

A meaningful and fulfilling life

high fiving seniors

Happiness and health go hand in hand:

That’s why at Encore 55+ Boutique Apartments, we create the space and opportunities for you to stay active, engaged, healthy and happy! The keys to a meaningful and fulfilling life are more diverse than simply your beautiful home and the incredible amenities that you'll enjoy at Encore. It’s about your total lifestyle and well being. Enjoying life after 55 is a mix of numerous factors, but we've segmented it into 5 areas that we call "High Five 55". By embracing these areas of your life, you're more likely to live a richer, fuller and happier life!

Community and connection

Being a part of something greater than yourself and staying connected with others helps to feel a sense of purpose in life. Whether through friends, group activities at Encore, religious activities or volunteer work, community helps us feel a sense of connection, to celebrate our triumphs and feel a greater purpose in our lives.

Fitness & Wellness

Our bodies are designed to move. In order to ensure your optimal health, it is important to find a way to include moderate exercise and good eating habits into your daily life. Encore 55+ Boutique Apartments has a state of the art fitness center and walking paths through our courtyard that are free to use by all of our residents.

Learning & Hobbies

Equally as important as our physical health is our mental health. To stay sharp and keep the mind engaged, it is crucial that we actively strive to find new things that interest us, whether auditing a class, pursuing a new hobby or learning a new skill online, keeping our minds active pays off immense dividends in happiness. What are you curious about?

Diet & Nutrition

Eating right is a critical part of maintaining a healthy mind and body, and requires plenty of nutrient dense food. This isn't to say you can't enjoy a burger or sweet treat from time to time, but the majority of your diet should consist of healthy foods. If you're not already "in the know", consider online learning and making a hobby of cooking and sharing with friends to combine several of these tips into one activity!

Happiness & Contentment

Happiness is a mindset, if you constantly seek it, happiness will find you. If you're engaging in all aspects of High Five 55 and sharing your rich life with others, then happiness and fulfillment should be a natural result, one that you’ll experience as a resident of Encore 55+ Boutique Apartments!

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